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Snow depth, snow cover

Glacier Data

Chinese Spatial Glacier Inventory Data and Yaluzangbu River Glacier Inventory


Chinese Cryospheric Resource and Environment Information System

Pumqu Basin,China Himalaya

Inventory of Glaciers and Glacial lakes and the Identification of potential Glacial
Lake Outburst Floods(GLOFs) Affected by Global Warming in the Mountains
of Himalayan Region Pumqu Basin,China Himalaya

Frozen Soil Data

Temperature Data of the Boreholes along Qinghai-Tibet Road, Chinese frozen soil map, Permafrost Table and Permafrost Base observations


Mirror website of GAME-TIBET data

Meteorology Data

Air Temperature, aire press Precipitation, Wind Speed, relative humidity, and sunshine hours in China

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 Microwave remote sensing data, NOAA AVHRR, ASTER, MODIS products, Landsat data, and so on.



WDC for Glaciology and Geocryology, Lanzhou

WDC for Glaciology and Geocryology, Lanzhou, is the main part of the World Data Centre. It is also one of the professional databases of Chinese scientific Database. The aims are the collection, saving, management  and analysis on Chinese Cryosphere Database which includes the Polar Regions and high Asia Regions. 

This data center also can promote the sharing of the cryosphere data in the earth science. It would contribute to the research of the global change, the protection of the cold and arid regions, the exploitation of the natural resource, the construction of the projects and the work to forefend and reduce the disaster.     

The most up-to-date data of current status of the cryosphere in China and its changes were summarized in a Global and Planetary Change paper.
X. Li, G. D. Cheng, H. J. Jin, E. S. Kang, T. Che, R. Jin, L. Z. Wu, Z. T. Nan, J. Wang, and Y. P. Shen, 2008: Cryospheric change in China. Global and Planetary Change, 62, 210-218.
This paper provides an overview of the current status of the cryosphere in China and its changes. Up-to-date statistics of the cryosphere in China are summarized based on the latest available data. There are 46,377 glaciers in China, covering an area of 59,425 km2. The glacier ice reserve is estimated to be about 5600 km3 and the annual glacier runoff is about 61.6109m3. The continuous snow cover extent (>60 days) in China is about 3.4106 km2 and the maximum water equivalent is 95.9109 m3 yr-1. The permafrost area in China is about 1.72106 km2. The total ground ice reserve on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau is estimated to be about 10,923 km3. Recent investigations indicated that glacier areas in China have shrunk about 2-10% over the past 45 years. Total glacier area has receded by about 5.5%. Snow mass has increased slightly. Permafrost is clearly degrading, as indicated by shrinking areas of permafrost, increasing depth of the active layer, rising of lower limit of permafrost, and thinning of the seasonal frost depth. Some models predict that glacier area shrinkage could be as high as 26.7% in 2050, with glacier runoff increasing until its maximum in about 2030. Although snow mass shows an increasing trend in western China, in eastern China the trend is toward decreasing snow mass, with increasing interannual fluctuations. Permafrost degradation is likely to continue, with one-third to one-half of the permafrost on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau anticipated to degrade by 2100. Most of the high-temperature permafrost will disappear by then. The permafrost in northeastern China will retreat further northward.

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