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Snow depth retrieved from SSM/I brightness temperature

Access data:

download data from ftp site



The daily snow depth data in China were obtained from SSM/I brightness temperature. The area is the whole of China, while the time span is from 1993 to 2002 at present. Uncompressed data set volume is about 1.2GB. For efficient download, the data files have been compressed for every year.

Data format:

The data format is ArcInfo generate ASCII file that can be identified by ArcInfo/ArcView software directly. In every file, the first six lines are the head information. For get the neat data, the first six lines can be deleted. 

Map size and snow depth data unit:

The map size is 250cols and 150rows. The snow depth data unit is cm.The value of -1.000000 presents the NODATA, that is the grid is out of China.

Missing date:

1993004, 1994201, 1994324, 1994325, 1996336, 1998070, 2000336


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Che, T., Li, X., Armstrong, R. L., 2003. Estimation of snow water equivalent from passive microwave remote sensing data (SSM/I) in Tibetan Plateau, pp 405-412. In: Kummerow, C. D., Jiang, J-S., and Uratuka, S., (Ed), Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 4894, Microwave Remote Sensing of the Atmosphere and Environment III. Bellingham, WA: SPIE.



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