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International projects

ACSYS (Arctic Climate System Study Mission)

CliC (Climate and Cryosphere)

CRYSYS (Canadian Cryosphere Research Program)

PACE (Permafrost and Climate in Europe)


IPA (International Permafrost Association)

IGS (International Glaciological Society)

National Snow and Ice Data Center

World Data Center DC for Glaciology, Boulder, USA

World Data Center for Glaciology, Cambridge, UK

World Data Center for Glaciology, Lanzhou, China



Data centers

National Snow and Ice Data Center


Remote sensing data

Global Land Ice Measurements from Space (GLIMS)

MODIS Snow and Sea ICE Global Mapping Project

ICESat ((Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite)

 Antarctic data center of Australia

Antarctic database of SCAR, established national antarctic data center in U.S.

Antarctic geomagnetic database in University of MichiganSpace Physics Research Laboratory

Antarctic  database in University of MarylandInstitute for Physical Science and Technology

U.S. Antarctic Data Coordination in NSIDC

Antarctic and arctic museum in Russia

Antarctic automatic weather station website in University of Wisconsin

Antarctic Geographic Data Integration,Antarctic GIS database, it has six coverages spatial data, including placename, coastline, ice-sheet, glacier and DEM.

United States Antarctic Resource Center in USGS.

Antarctic Data from Italian Expeditions Concerning Research in Earth Sciences, Environmental, Cosmophysics, Biology, Medical Sciences

SCAR Antarctic Digital Databaseit has two editions.

Antarctic Science Information and Analysis System

Antarctic Surface Temperature and Pressure Data

Antarctic SAR Data at ASFALASKA SAR FACILITY),which is a key remote sensing database



Other links

Snow Runoff Model (SRM)




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